Addon or Extension?

When it come to choose between addon or extension, it becomes a tricky situation. Because we don’t know actually, which one is preferable over another.

Extensions are basically a collection of related functionality, like we have promotion or a store front. It is a larger artefact, in terms of complexity and purpose it solves.

On the other hand, add ons, as their name suggests, are introduced to garnish a existing functionality. They are like toppings over your meal (extensions). For example, a Captcha addon.

  • When we need a functionality, which is used across multiple store front, like captcha, we can go for a addon. We need not to write a separate extension for that. But we can not go for an addon, if we need multiple sites, for multiple country or language. In that case, we need to create separate extension for that.
  • Suppose, you are working with a legacy system, where you can not modify the code base, but you want to modify the look and feel of it’s store front, in that case we can go for a add on.

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