How to run multiple hybris instance in one machine?

Basically hybris runs on a tomcat instance. Hybris is shipped with a bundled tomcat. So the question here is actually, how to run multiple tomcat in one machine.

We can run as many hybris we want, till our machine memory permits. To do so, we need to make each instance of tomcat to have it’s own ports to use. Make below ports unique for each instance. We should add below properties in local property file of each instance with unique values..


4 thoughts on “How to run multiple hybris instance in one machine?

  1. Can I know the difference between Basestore and Warehouse?
    wiki says:A store can be not only an online store, it can also be used to model traditional stores, which doesn’t need to be always related to a WebSite. Furthermore, a WebSite can contain more than one store, for example one WebSite for all physical stores, or more than one WebSites is using the same store, for example one for the English web shop and the other for the German.


    • Hi Hamid,

      Think of Base store as the virtual entity for the physical stores. The physical store serves product catalog items. It works on specific currency.

      Warehouse is an virtual entity for a place where stocks are dumped.


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