Relative URLs in Hybris Cockpits

Very often in several business scenarios it is required to share direct Urls of order, cart or product with internal teams, e.g.:

After order is placed:

  • Send confirmation email to customer.


  • Also send email to a team of internal staff with direct URL of that order so that staff can directly go to that specific order just by clicking on URL rather than logging into cockpit and searching for that order.

Considering different nature of cockpit framework it’s not straight to create direct URL of an item as compared to storefront which is MVC.

Here is solution:


Understanding URL:

A request event handler parses request parameters and dispatches a Cockpit business event. Different components are then notified of this dispatched event.

According to above URL, Activation request events is triggered for order item with pk – 8796093055021

2 thoughts on “Relative URLs in Hybris Cockpits

  1. If we are using above url for CS cockpit,order details are displayed in editable format.Usually when we search order,it will be displayed non editable.Is there a way to make it non editable ?

    Ashwini Keshri

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hi Ashwini,

      In above URL, generic event “Activation” is used which open all items in cockpit framework in editor area.
      To open order in read-only view, please use respective event in URL which is triggered when order is selected from list view.
      Hope this helps.



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