Navigation management through SmartEdit

Navigation management through SmartEdit

SmartEdit provides Navigation management that enables you to add, move, edit and delete navigation nodes for a content catalog. You can easily change the order of the navigation nodes using drag and drop feature. You can also add, edit and remove entries from navigation nodes. Entries are pages, media, and components that you associate with navigation nodes.

When you create a website based on an existing content catalog, a default navigation structure is created for your content catalog. If you create a website based on a new content catalog, you must build navigation structure for your new content catalog.


Signing into SmartEdit

SmartEdit provides an intuitive user interface that allows content managers to easily edit the content catalog of their companies website.


We assume that your server has started already and now follow following steps to sign in into SmartEdit

  1. Open an internet browser.
  2. Enter https://<server.ip.address>:9002/smartedit in the browser’s address bar.
  3. Enter your credentials.(username=’admin’ and password=’nimda’)
  4. Select the language and sign in.


All the catalogs that are available in your websites are displayed in the Your Site page.


Adding Navigation Nodes

We can add following types of navigation nodes:

  1. Top level
  2. Sibling
  3. Child


Adding a Top level Node


Click on + ADD NEW TOP LEVEL and after that Enter the name of the node and title of the node to the corresponding fields and press save.


Now you can see that Bitbyte added as top level node to the site.


Adding Sibling and Child Nodes to Navigation Nodes

Go to navigation node that you want to add a sibling or child node to and Click the Option menu and select Add a Sibling or Add a child. Here we will add child node.


After that we enter the name and the title of the child and save it.


Now you can clearly observe that one child node(Hybrisdiary) added to the Bitbyte node.


3 thoughts on “Navigation management through SmartEdit

  1. Hi,

    While dragging and dropping the child and node in the navigation. How to keep it open instead of automatically gets collapsed?



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